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In my country Czech Republic there is a TV channel called PRIMA and whenever there are news in the evening, there is a section called "spectators' reports" or "spectators' news" or something and people can post any videos they recorded and if the video is good, they show it in the news! So i tried my chance and posted there a video i took 28th June 2014 at the cottage when Monchichi was resting in a towel after swimming in the river... He was so sutisfied so he was bruxing which causes eyes popping out because of muscles near eyes that rats use to brux.

First i uploaded the video on YouTube -HERE-

And then i uploaded it on a website of that TV channel Prima... and tonight people on FB told me they saw my rat in TV so i looked the news up on internet and OH MY GOD!! it IS THERE REALLY!!! And they even commented it durring video XD It is in czech but i will translate what they say here :)

Watch my Monchichi in TV news -HERE- in time 1:58

Translation of what they say:
Woman: Do you also have that feeling, when you look at this rat, so something is not okay?
Man: Oh yeah...those eyes!
Woman: But watch out, it's not any trick! As our spectator reporter, Sabrina Jozová, wrote to us, it's caused by movement of muscles that rats use when bruxing.
Man: Well thanks god this doesn't happen to people when eating.
tgejnklernflk oh my god dudes! all the informations are written in the text above already.. i didnt want to put it in journals, because i usually delete similar rant journals later, so im gonna keep this as a text deviation.. but vnhefvojeklvnlekv they fucking aired my video of my beloved MONCHICHI *dies* and the comments they had durring the video omg xD

But originally, the woman said "it's caused by movement of muscles that rats use when champ their food" which is wrong... but in czech "champ" and "brux" is said the same way.. "chroupat".. but when i sent them the video, i did NOT say anything about food so i thought they would get it that i mean bruxing... but whatever XD

Then later this evening one girl (classmate from elementary school) toldm e that she saw my video in tv news and i was like hfvnuiovnofinvofnrojnomev because they didnt even let me know they will air it tonight! And i missed it in the TV ;A; but thanks got they put their news on internet as well, so i could rewatch with my mom.. i was fucking squeeeeking half of hour, still rewatching that part! XD suddenly people kept sendiing me messages on FB saying they saw it too! And later mom's friend was watching TV with her son too and they saw my rat there too so the friend called my mom too all like "oh my godi was watching TV and suddenly i see rat of your Sabrina! D:" so yeahhh all are surprised including me xD i already posted another video to that tv channel, this time me walking Monchichi outside on leash:… so lets hope they will air it too xD

There is also chance to win money for the best video at the end of each week, so OMG i can win up to 500$! ;u;

My country, Czech Republic has special news called "Viewers' news" or something like that and there they show videos of people who post interesting videos on their website. Once i posted my rat Monchichi there and they really aired it. Later they even aired one my video about messages on bins, but that is not interesting for u tho... buuuut yesterday 3.1.2015 they aired my new video of my rats!! This time saying even their names and talking about them longer and I was dying by laughter!
Original video here:
Video in TV news here: or
Translation of what they say:
begining: rat met rat (czech song) and Viewers' news began. Good evening. Not good, but such original evening. No, really we begin with rats that Sabrina Jozová (me) sent to our website So enjoy them... cuties!
my video: Míša, Barča, D
HopelessRomantic1997 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so awesome Miss Angi ^^
Congrats on your Rat, Monchichi getting in the news
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July 2, 2014


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