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Random sketches - double page by Angi-Shy Random sketches - double page by Angi-Shy

after a long time making just some random doodles including my angi style and OCs and stuff again.

about the pictures, there is mainly Nizzy being cat XD

top left picture, nizzy got a play time attack, he can be kinda wild then, but trying to keep this a secret, he wants to look like a tough guy in front of others :iconteheplz:
top right pic, its kinda update of -this- picture.. Nizzy is teen and teens already have growing shit around mouth..and nizzy is half cat, so yeahh... kitty whiskers XD
Yay for random kitty on left side
Then bottom left picture of the first page, aka Nizzy with his little sister Karu..and me practicing toon elasticity of mouth xD
In the middle its dancing Mary! Inconspicuously similar to how Raph from TMNT danced in one episode /fans know what i mean =u=/
Next to Mary there is a random sketch of my lips...and nose xD dunno.. my lips were always the only part i liked about myself :shrug:
And on the right side there is jsut stretching Nizzy mryawning aka fanservice for Mary XD

moving to the second page, top left picture is Nizzy again in play time chasing some paper bow on string xD and like cats do, wiggling butt and waving tail.. i wanted to make it be a simple animation as well and friend :icontoonydream: even told me to make it be animation, so its double supported XD
Then, middle top picture.....Darvon horny in love.. i migh colour this one, i jsut love how he came out eventhough i drew it really fast and messy xD i imagined the expression and wanted to use it for something and what else would be better than use Dardar xD
Next to Darvon, top right pic, again practicing elasticity on Zik..aka being too much petted by random kids XD
Bottom left picture...Nizzy being cat again, this time climbing on heigh things xD
Next to him there is Mary with some new random design i guess
And in the end there is a woman drawn in some new random human style of mine :shrug: i tad of like it tho

Mary narixam859

MiniAliceSuperstar Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Student Filmographer
Good sketches! x3 I like so much your random redesigned Mary :D
pOpcandyculture Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
Wow! I haven't seen Nizzy in a while, it feels like xD And I like your Mary redesign~
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April 8, 2014
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